I'm a game designer in Los Angeles with 11+ years of professional game industry experience. I'm currently working on The Last of Us Part II.

I focus mostly on designing, building, and scripting levels packed with fun narrative-based gameplay and exciting scripted events. I do a bit of system and narrative design as well. I have a penchant for making things easily accessible while still retaining fun gameplay depth.

I thrive in creative and collaborative environments where hard work and passion for making great games is valued,
and where I can leverage my strong technical background to enhance my designs and team.

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Single-player focused projects combining gameplay and narrative.




These older projects chronicle my journey from game programmer to game designer. I performed multiple
roles and used a wide variety of technologies. They were all created at Zynga, Schell Games and Rabid Squirrel Games.

CoasterVille (2012)
Role: Game Designer
Tech: Flash, PHP
Empires & Allies (2011)
Role: Game Programmer/Designer
Tech: Flash, PHP
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online - Fishing Minigame (2010)
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Tech: Panda3D, Python
Disney's Pixie Hollow Online (2008)
Role: Game Server Programmer
Tech: Flash, Python

Waffle Queen (2010)
Role: Game Designer, Programmer, Music Composer
Tech: Cocos2D for iOS, Objective-C

pyPad360 - Gamepad Middleware (2007)
Role: Programmer
Tech: Panda3D, PyGame, Python

The Mummy Online (Unreleased)
Role: Gameplay Programmer
Tech: Unity, Photon Server, C#, Python

Action Wii Game (Unreleased)
Role: Engine Programmer
Tech: Gamebryo, C++, Lua

MMO Game for Windows LIVE (Unreleased)
Role: Engine Programmer
Tech: Trinigy Vision, C++