Titanfall 2 - Mission 02 - "Blood and Rust"


PS4, Xbox One, PC

Tools Used:
Custom Level Editor
& Tools

6 months

Team Size:

Game Designer



After I finished work on "Into the Abyss," I was tasked with scripting "Blood and Rust," the second level in our campaign. The level was already designed and built so I needed to script the final gameplay and narrative.

Since this is the second level of the game, I felt it was important to setup the rest of the game for success. With that in mind, I set some design goals:

  • The first level only has a taste of titan combat. Reinforce it with more combat with ramping difficulty. Include titan friendlies to make the transition to solo titan combat easier.
  • Introduce the titan weapon pickups and titan loadout switching.
  • Introduce the Tick enemy type.
  • Introduce the Stalker enemy type.
  • Introduce the first Apex Predator boss titan (Kane) and boss fights.
  • Reinforce the dire "Militia has fallen" narrative by having Militia friendlies in distress.
  • Begin building the relationship between player and the buddy titan with several interactive dialogue conversations.

See below for more detailed information!

NOTE: All screenshots and video reflect the work of the entire team (art, FX, SFX, code, design, etc.).

Gameplay Video

Here is a full playthrough of the mission.
The video contains most of the campaign, so I setup the link below to start and stop appropriately.
Running time: 27 Minutes, 30 seconds.

Detailed Info

Level Design & Building

  • Adjust the existing level geometry to improve player flow and sightlines when needed.
  • Work with FX artist to place and trigger FX such as sludge, smoke, electrical sparks, explosions, fire, etc.
  • Work with sound designer to trigger SFX at the right time & place.


  • Custom "forced slide" waterslide trigger.
  • Custom scripted Kane boss death where he safely finds a place to play a death animation without falling into geometry.
  • Custom scripted cinematic moment where player climbs on Kane's titan, takes his radio. This includes the HUD sequence that follows as the player's helmet interfaces with the radio.
  • Hookup animations throughout the level (stalker opening door, friendly grunts talking to player, Kane intro, etc.)
  • Dropships dropping off grunts and ticks.
  • Utilize redirection techniques that guide the player to the proper direction through the level.
  • Countless misc. scripting tasks such as doors, checkpoints, ghost helper, etc.


  • Refine and balance combat encounters.
  • Place cover, cover nodes, AI paths, triggers, etc.
  • Ensure proper encounter pacing so that there are highs and lows in player interest curve during the level.

Story & Dialog

  • Work with writer to write dialog that tells the level's story and begins to build the relationship between player and buddy titan.
  • Integrate and trigger dialog and player/titan conversations throughout the level.