Titanfall - Mission 08 - "The Battle of Demeter"


Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC

Tools Used:
Custom Level Editor & Tools

3+ months

Team Size:

Game Designer



"The Battle of Demeter" is the finale level in Titanfall's Campaign Multiplayer. The level was mostly designed and built when I joined Respawn, so my first task was to script the level gameplay and the epic fleet battle raging above.

My work primarily consisted of scripting the sky battle, firefighter robots, FX, SFX, screen shake, dialogue, etc. when either team took a hardpoint. The Militia were trying to cause a reactor meltdown so when they controlled a hardpoint, it would overload with fire and rumbling. When the IMC, who were trying to prevent a meltdown, controlled a hardpoint, it would be cooling off with steam.

In the story, the Militia and IMC fleets are fighting above in orbit. I scripted the fleet battle as they approached the players' position. Eventually, two ships warp directly above and duke it out with heavy artillery and fighter ships. One is crippled and warps away while the other looms above. At the end of the battle, both fleets warp to safety as the Demeter station detonates below.

I also contributed to the dialogue and story beats such as MacAllan's sacrifice, the fleets warping away, and all player's being nuked at the end.


This video shows the epic scripted showdown between two Militia and IMC ships.